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FL-200 Series Boxes and Covers

fl-200-4- 4.25” deep back box

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International Brackets

17769, 17770, 17903, 17772, 17891, 17803, 17876, 17877, 17878, 17968, 17970, 17969, 17904, 17949, 17886, 17887, 17888, 17889, 17771, 17890
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The FL-200 pour-in-place floor box series is designed to provide a smaller box option for those installations that do not require the additional internal space available in our larger FL-500P and FL-600P boxes. The FL-200 Series consists of 2 box designs, a 3” back box that has 2 single gang compartments of different volumes and is a perfect 2 trade box. The compartments are independent of one another so that the smaller compartment can be used for high voltage while the larger one is used for low voltage connections. The 4” back box option has a single Decora opening for data or power connections on one side and on the other side there are two different internal brackets available. It ships with a bracket that mounts standard size electrical plates that accommodate a 2 gang plate or can be split into 2 single gang openings with isolation.

 For international solutions we offer a bracket to accommodate any country's specific 45mm snap in power outlet. This allows 45mm power outlet to fit into the FL-200's US "GANG" sized opening. Use the international bracket drop-down above to see details on the three parts offered. 

Our FL-200 4" floor box can accommodate extra deep devices from Hubbell, Crestron (DM-TX-200-C-2G), AMX and others with use of MMS-FL-200-4 bracket (Item 17773). This bracket is ordered separately and has a 2 gang opening for mounting modified digital media devices (Crestron/AMX) that require more room behind the plate.

fl 200 iso crestron

The FL-200 Series covers are designed to match those on the FL-500P and FL-600P Series floor boxes. This provides visual continuity in installations where FL-200’s are installed along with FL-500P’s and FL-600P’s. The covers* meet UL scrub water requirements for tile and carpet installations and feature easy tool free access as well as a fold down cable exit door which allows the cover to be closed with cables exiting the box, *excluding the FL-200-PTBLK, FL-200-PTSLV and the FL-200-PTBRS.

Notes: This floor box is not applicable for direct contact with grade (soil or gravel). For grade applications, use the FL-GRD2/4 pour pan as a foundation before box installation. These floor boxes are designed for the UL safety standard for scrub water. The standard only applied to boxed installed in concrete, not raised access boxes.


•    3” and 4“ Deep Back Boxes
•    3” Back Box has 2 single gang Decora compartments
•    4” Back Box accommodates extra deep devices from Hubbell, Crestron, AMX and others with use of MMS-FL-200-4 Bracket
•    Large Variety of covers to choose from
•    UL Tile and Carpet Scrub Water Rating
•    Made in the USA
•    All steel construction


The FL-200-SF4-C accessory bracket shown below enables usage of a round cover with our FL-200 floor box. 

17949 fl 200 sf4 adapter 17949 fl 200 sf4 c

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