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Concrete Floor Box Pour Pan

fl-grd- pour pan 4" grade mounting kit
fl-grd- pour pan 4" grade mounting kitfl-grd- pour pan 4" grade mounting kit

Grade Mounting Kit

The FSR Pour Pan is the answer to floor box installations that are on grade. If your application is a poured concrete floor, but the box may rest on soil, rock, gravel, etc., you must first install the Pour Pan. The Pour Pan is set into the grade below the floor box and allows concrete to flow around and under the box to prevent the floor box from contacting the grade. The unit comes with extended length leveling feet, and the unique “pan wings” prevent the pan from shifting during the pour.

The Pour Pan is available in two depths, and you select the depth based on the thickness of the pour and the depth of the floor box to be installed.

The pan is designed to provide a minimum of approximately 2” of concrete under the box. Select which model pan is used based on structural and site requirements.
Installation of FL-GRD2