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Symphony Collection

Symphony Collection - Using the table box

Orchestrating Connectivity

The Symphony Collection brings elegant form to technology. This collection of table boxes features AC outlets, USB charging ports and low voltage openings. The Symphony Collection is available in: Clamp-On, Under-Table, In-Table options and 12 different color combinations.

No Visible Hardware

The system provides an attractive user interface while solid construction throughout ensures reliable performance in demanding environments.

Streamline Design

The gentle curved shapes allow for CAT6, 6a, or 7 along with AV cables to bulkhead AV connections while maintaining aesthetics in modern interiors.


Located below your work surface, the Symphony under-table model is out of sight but not out of mind when connectivity is needed.


The Symphony in-table model provides an attractive user interface combined with a rim and cover. With its sleek, seamless aluminum frame, the design is both modern and elegant.

Multiple Color Combinations To Choose From


Black on Aluminum


White on Aluminum

Color: Black
Color: White

*No Holes To Drill Or Cut OUt

Non-marring C-Clamp table attachment with swivel screw tightener. *Available for clamp-on models only.

Custom Solutions

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Custom Solutions

On "Assemble to order" units, a very flexible ordering system allows for choice of housing extrusion color, end cap color, and connector insert color. Low voltage openings can receive FSR Simple Solutions and Hubbell&tm; keystone style snap in connectors.

FSR Symphony Applications

Choose Your Symphony Box

FSR Symphony Clamp On


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FSR Symphony Under Table


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FSR Symphony In Table


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FSR Symphony DIN


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FSR Symphony Clamp On


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