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1x2 Ceiling Boxes

cb-12- 1'x2' ceiling box w/ 2 1/2 rack mounts and 5 ac

CB-12 Series

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 The CB-12 Classroom Ceiling Enclosure is designed for classrooms with projectors. This amazing 1’x2’ enclosure drops into any standard drop ceiling installation and provides electrical connections, AV equipment installation and AV and Data signal routing above the ceiling. The Ceiling Enclosure has a 3 additional un-switched receptacles inside the enclosure and brackets to mount two ½ rack pieces of equipment. The cover is a white trim ring, similar the ceiling grid, that holds a matching ceiling tile for a finished look. An optional fan kit is available.


17287 sg 120hw The optional SG-120HW is a “Type 2 Surge Protective Device” used to protect branch circuits against damage from electrical transients occurring on the AC line. It provides protection against transients in all 3 modes; Line to Line, Line to Neutral, and Neutral to Ground. A diagnostic LED indicates ground presence, system power and that surge protection is active.







 You can now mount in DryWall

17875 CB SR12 LOWERED render webThe CB-SR12 drywall mounting frame is designed to easily mount FSR's 1'x2' (CB-12) Ceiling Enclosure. The mounting frame can be installed in the ceiling using threaded rod, stranded wire cable, or screws through specific holes in the sides of the unit. The ceiling box can then be hung vertically, via the included cables, while the equipment is mounted and wired allowing convenient access to the components and cables.

Patent 9,966,752


Anywhere a Projector or Display is ceiling mounted

  • Made for 'T' Grid Drop Ceilings
  • Conference Centers
  • Schools
  • General Meeting Facilities
  • Training Facilities
  • Airports
  • Museums

When floor space is limited and keeping equipment secure is essential the C.O.R.E series will get the job done.

 C.O.R.E Ceiling Boxes Product Video Review