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2' x 2' Ceiling Boxes


CB-22+ Series

18625, 18626, 18627, 18628
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Introducing the next generation ceiling boxes, the CB-22+ series. This line of ceiling boxes has been upgraded with exciting new features. The enclosures now have integrated threaded rod mounts to provide an easy installation, no longer needing a threaded rod kit. The load capacity on the CB-22P+ pole mount has increased to 100 lbs. and the shelf on all units is rated to 40 lbs. The new lockable secured cam lock access door provides security while allowing easy access to the equipment in the box. 

The CB-22+ interior includes a larger dual-tilting mounting shelf, eliminating spatial issues and low-voltage access plates with brushes on the box's exterior. The equipment shelf is removable for even more flexibility and includes repositionable 2-RU rack rails, facilitating access and visibility.

cb-22+ equipment shelf

The CB-22P+ series has optional decorative metal plates for the pole rail cover and access door that will work with the CB-22+, eliminating the need for ceiling tile. The access door hinge has been streamlined to allow for easier removal and re-attaching of the door. If the access door is unhinged, an attached quick disconnect safety cable will provide peace of mind, knowing the cover will not fall below. 

cb-22p+ pole rail cover

The CB-22+ and CB-22P+ have an optional field-installed upgraded temperature-controlled variable speed low-noise fan kit. Models CB-22S+ and CB-22SP+ will include a factory-installed fan option and a switched receptacle feature.

cb22+ optional fan kit

The CB-22P+ Classroom Ceiling Enclosure is designed for classrooms, conference, and meeting rooms with a projector and control equipment. The unit includes one external AC receptacle, a switch/circuit breaker on the ceiling surface, and five internal AC outlets ergonomically spaced to allow room for wall warts inside the enclosure. The pole rail cover is provided with decorative metal panels that allow for 3 projector pole locations. An optional solid metal access door cover can be ordered to eliminate the need to cut and install ceiling tiles. The 'P' version of the CB-22+ features the addition of an industry-standard 1½” NPT fitting to hang up to a 100 lbs. projector (including mount). Also available is an optional field-installed upgraded temperature-controlled variable speed low-noise fan kit.

The CB-22S+ Smart Ceiling Enclosure is designed for classrooms, conference, and meeting rooms with a projector and other AV equipment. This 2’ x 2’ enclosure drops into any standard drop ceiling installation and provides power switching and distribution as well as shelves to mount 2 full rack or 4 half rack pieces of equipment above the ceiling. The CB-22S+ ceiling enclosure provides one external projector outlet facing the room, two unswitched, and three switched ergonomically spaced AC outlets inside the box. A factory-installed thermostatically controlled variable speed low-noise fan kit will be included with the ceiling enclosure. It is a “Smart Green Enclosure” with Smart Sense technology that detects the power state of the projector and uses the projector’s power state to turn the switched outlets on or off. The locking cover has a white trim ring, similar to the ceiling grid, that now can hold an optional decorative metal plate or ceiling tile.

The CB-22SP+ Smart Ceiling Enclosure is designed for classrooms, conference and meeting rooms, hospitals, hotels, etc., with a projector and other AV equipment requiring a higher degree of control and power savings. The CB-22SP+ has all the features of the CB-22S+, with the addition of the Smart Control Module. The Smart Control Module provides a built-in real-time clock with scheduling software to automatically turn on or off the switched receptacles on a set schedule to eliminate wasted power, including that of the projector. This will save energy and the dollars needed to replace projector bulbs by ensuring the projector is off when the room is not in use. Because these unique ceiling enclosures will be used in many rooms in a facility, quantity pricing is available on each unit. Each unit is agency-listed for the utmost safety in your installations.

Everything You Need In A Ceiling Box Plus More

Item #ModelDescription
18624 CB-22FAN+ Fan Kit for use with CB-22 and CB-22P (Not used in CB-22S and CB-22SP)
18625 CB-22+ 2’x2’ Ceiling Box with 6 unswitched outlets
18626 CB-22P+ 2’'x2’ Ceiling Box with pole mount and 6 unswitched outlets
18627 CB-22S+ 2’x2’ Ceiling Box with smart AC switch, 6 outlets, and 4 auto-switched (Factory Installed Fan Included)
18628 CB-22SP+ 2’x2’ Ceiling Box with pole mount, smart AC switch, 6 outlets, and 4 auto-switched (Factory Installed Fan Included)
17085 CB-MNT1 Mounting kit including four 100” cables and four KWIKLOCS™
18649 CB-22+SLDR Decorative Solid Door
18650 CB-22P+SLDR Decorative Solid Door For Use With Pole Mount Version
17287 SG-120HW Surge Protective Device Type 1 (UL/cUL Listed)


  • Larger removable dual-tilting equipment shelf
  • Repositionable 2-RU rack rails
  • Pole mount rated to 100 lbs. for CB-22P+ model
  • Shelf mount rated to 40 lbs.
  • Integrated threaded rod mounts
  • Lockable cover latch with secured winged keyed Cam Lock
  • Low-voltage access plate with brushes
  • CB-22P+ pole rail cover and access door have optional decorative metal plates, no longer requiring ceiling tiles
  • CB-22P+ pole rail cover allows for 3 configurable locations, using either ceiling tile or optional decorative metal plates
  • Access door and hinge allow for effortless removal/installation of the door with attached safety cable quick disconnect
  • Upgraded temperature-controlled fan kit