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FSR is focusing on solutions specifically for the educational marketplace. While the number of technology installations is increasing, we recognize that there are still challenges for K-12 and higher ed institutions, from a packaged solution that works in new or existing spaces to an overall lack of space to creative uses for little-used areas to tight budgets. And don’t forget the need to be Green! FSR addresses all these issues with a variety of products that meet the needs of modern schools and campuses.

Smart-Way Floor Raceway

The Smart-Way Raceway was designed to reshape how you get cables across the floor where they’re needed. Designed to fit today’s working environments, the Smart-Way prioritizes functionality without sacrificing good design or beauty. With its crisp lines and sophistication, the raceway will leave a lasting impression of timeless quality. With an ultra-low profile, ample space for cables, and aluminum or slate gray finishes, this truly is the intelligent choice for wire management.

Symphony Collection

The Symphony Collection brings elegant form to technology. This collection of table boxes features AC outlets, USB charging ports, and low voltage openings. A streamlined design allows for large cable AV connections while maintaining high aesthetics. The Symphony Collection is available in Clamp-On, Under-Table, In-Table options, and multiple color combinations. Our latest additions to the Symphony collection include a POP of color added to the housing of the Symphony table boxes. The Symphony Pedestal a floor-standing product that gives you power, charging, and data. Lastly, the Symphony Linx simplifies your power and data needs on top of or under a single work surface area.

Collaborative Learning: HuddleVU Kits

That buzz phrase that’s been hanging around for a little while now, “collaborative learning,” has actually become a punch list item for most higher ed institutions. From breakout tables in larger classrooms and labs to huddle spaces in libraries and even student unions, the idea is that working together and sharing information enhances a student’s learning, problem-solving, and communications skills while potentially enabling a more practical or real approach to theoretical concepts. FSR has specifically designed some packaged solutions for schools that offer an intuitive, collaborative experience. It is our HuddleVU Kits.

Ceiling Boxes & Digital Ribbon Cables

Additionally, the fight for real estate in educational facilities is on. While technology is a priority, finding adequate space allotted specifically for technology is challenging. FSR is focused on addressing the search for space by offering ceiling boxes that hold up to 4 rack units of equipment and hide them in the ceiling, out of sight, secure, and easy to access. FSR also offers both 4K and 8K Digital Ribbon cables that run high speed, HDMI signals up to 328 feet without power, eliminating the need for additional equipment like extenders. If you're looking for extra protection in high traffic areas, give our Digital Ribbon cables with 8K Digital Ribbon cable with CoilGuard a try.  

Wall, Floor, and Table Boxes

Fighting for a piece of the pie is always an issue for technology managers. We are seeing many AV budgets (and staff) moving into IT departments within the educational market. We are modifying our language, products, and approach to address these changes. Our wall, floor, and table boxes are incorporated into the infrastructure of buildings and existing or new furniture. They allow for many different configurations and connectivity options for legacy and state-of-the-art systems and anything in between.

Charging and Power

Just as students expect colleges to offer wireless internet connection across campus, they also expect convenient and usable locations to charge their devices. FSR has developed a variety of solutions for charging mobile devices in classrooms, libraries, lounges, study areas, or wherever power may be needed (this is in addition to accessible power in our table boxes.) Our newly introduced Modular Linx System elegantly distributes two 20 amp AC power circuits to create a relocatable and reusable modular power system.

AV Electronics

Keeping budgets in mind, FSR offers an extensive line of AV electronics, including switchers, scalers, HDBaseT transmitters and receivers, distribution amps, and power products that are well-priced and offer great quality, reliability, and performance. Stay tuned for additional products and packages being released that will make tech managers’ lives a whole lot easier.

Flex Control System

Many schools, especially public institutions, are obligated to have firm sustainability initiatives and processes in place throughout the district or campus. Technology equipment typically consumes a significant amount of electricity. FSR manufactures the Flex Control System, which can control “almost anything” in a classroom in the room itself or remotely from the Flex app, enabling remote energy consumption monitoring by controlling or scheduling equipment shut down. It can also control shades, lighting, screens, etc., therefore becoming a money-saving, energy-conserving, universal remote for the entire classroom. The Flex interface is extremely intuitive, a plus for busy teachers and administrators who do not have a lot of extra time for training.

Keep coming back for exciting new products soon to be released from FSR, which will provide more solutions to the higher ed and K-12 markets. For up-to-the-minute product announcements and FSR news tailored for education, sign up for our e-newsletter below.

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