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Table Mount Solutions


Table Mounts

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Whether your table mounting application calls for an on, over, or under desk, our TM Series table mounts provide the solutions you need. FSR offers a wide variety of fully populated bracket options featuring an AC outlet power,  USB charging stations, and openings for our IPS and SS connectors, and cables. These attractive mounting solutions are available in black or white and can be ordered in pre-wired versions with a T6-LB-AC2CH Large Bracket pre-installed.

The TM-UT Under Table mounts allow the mounting of any of the T6-LB insert under tables, shelves and even chairs.

The TM-OT On Table brackets can be mounted either via clamp or screw-mount to the back edge of a table and angles the face of the T6-LB AC or AV insert to present the cable ends for easy deployment.

The TM-IN In Table bracket mounts in a cutout in the tables surface and then is screwed in from the top. It will also be used to present AV cables and connectors as well mount T6-LB AC inserts.

•    Court Rooms
•    Desks
•    Boardroom Tables
•    Lecterns
•    Control Consoles
•    Lab Tables
•    Classrooms
•    Collaboration Tables

•    Can be mounted in a wide variety of tables
•    Connector plates are available to match the specific application and customer needs
•    Can be reconfigured at any time as requirements change