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FL-600P Floor Boxes and Covers


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Our FL-600P Floor Boxes combine rugged construction and an elegant design for use in carpet, tile, or wood covered floors over poured concrete applications. This makes it the perfect floor box for ballrooms, meeting rooms, public spaces, and high traffic areas. There is ample compartment room to accommodate power, audio, video, telecommunications, and data in one elegant and practical box.

There are a variety of covers to choose from. Options include integrated carpet edging, flat covers for non-carpeted, bare floor applications, and different finishes. The lift-off section of the cover allows full access to internal connector plates and stored cables. The hinged cable exit door flips back to allow the cover to remain in place after connections are made and cables are routed through it. The 0.25” and 0.50” raised edge style covers are UL scrub water approved. 

The innovation continues to the “transformable” box bottom. The FL-600P’s internal brackets can be arranged to provide numerous options for both high and low voltage standard gang openings making it the most flexible and easiest to in-stall floor box available. Removable center dividers make passing cables through the various compartments a snap. Integral “Easy Pour” leveling feet are standard on all of the box bottoms. Several box depths are available and are UL listed.

The unit includes all of the necessary internal plates and brackets to make “pre” and “post” pour compartment changes quick and easy. Using this system, both high and low voltage gang configurations, along with compartment isolation, can be implemented “on the fly”. This makes just about any cabling/connector scenario possible.

The FL-600-SF8-C accessory bracket shown below enables usage of a round cover with our FL-600 floor box. 

 FL-500P-SF8-C Mounting Bracket
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