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FLEX-LT Self Contained Control System

3.5" Color Touch Control Panel w/ 2 Ser, 2 IR

FLEX-LT Options

18087, 18088, 17237, 17095
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The Flex-LT is a self contained control system that has a vast number of features and a price point that everyone can afford. The Flex-LT mounts in a wall or sits on a desk and presents the user with an easy-to-use and understand color touch screen. Through the touch screen the user can choose what source is being displayed, change the volume, control the various sources, turn lights on and off, raise or lower the shades or screen and much more!

Using the built in scheduler, the Flex-LT can automatically shut off displays that have been accidentally left on when the room is not in use. It can also alert the support staff if there is an issue in the room such as the lamp life getting too high in order to reduce the down time of the room.

The Flex configuration utility features an easy to use method to get the most out of the system. The contractor is presented with an easy to follow drag 'n drop programming methodology; no need to learn another programming language. Flex eases device control by offering IR libraries or if a library is not available, the Flex-IR learner is a snap to use. 

The Flex-LT makes life easy- Easy-to-Use, Easy-to-Program, Easy-to-Afford! 

Flex-LT is Room Control at your fingertips. Everything from Boardrooms, Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms, and Classrooms FLEX will meet your needs!

FCB 256


• Built in Flex Panel Remote Viewer
• View and Press on the Actual Panel Graphic for Remote Testing and Support
• Device Command Checking and Direct Control
• Test any Library Command; IR, Serial or IP
• View Device Responses and Response Timing
• Direct Input Commands to Test Device or Command Syntax
• Display Clocks and Timers:
• Can be the full size on the splash, or smaller in a window or on other screens.
• Various formats with or without seconds and military time.
• Actions can associate at the terminus of the timer.
• Time can be offset to show multiple time zones.
• Advanced User Privileges:
• Find all Flex Panels on a network
• Review and Update Firmware versions individually, in groups or on all Flex Panels
• Download new projects individually, in groups or on all Flex Panels
• Send Commands to any Flex on the network
• Tunnel through any Flex to send a command to control any Connected Device.
• Update time and date fields on all connected Flex Panels
Simplified Bar-Graph Setup:
• Insert Up To 16 Unique Barographs
• Simplified setup and command conditional entry
• WYSIWYG Graphical Drag and Drop Presentation
• Simplified Indexed Commands Creation:
• Insert Counters into any command in Dec, Hex formats
• Inserts a fixed or variable length command by inserting spaces or zeros
• Works in Device Commands, Library Names and Conditionals
• Variable and settable lower and upper limits and step size
• Input and Output Windows:
• Display Phone Numbers for cell phone style dialing
• Display Channel Numbers on Set-top Boxes
• Display Volume or Ramp numbers as feedback


FLEX Models 
Part #
3.5" Color Touch Control System w/ IP, 4 Ser, 4 IR, 4 I/O - Available in Black
Control System "Brain" w/ IP, 4 Ser, 4 IR, 4 I/O - Module 
Programming Kit for Flex w/ IR Learner


Flex iPhone, iPad, and Android Apps are available for purchase on iTunes and in the Google™ Play store respectively


iPhone App
iPad App
Android App
Flex app but
Flex app but
Flex app but
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