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Symphony In-Table Box


SYM-IN Models

Choose your Symphony In-Table frame size from the drop down

Click the button below to try our Symphony Configurator, giving you the ability to design a Symphony table box just the way you need it. The "drag-and-drop" configurator allows you to select between Clamp-on, Under-Table, In-Table and Dual In-Table boxes. After selecting your desired model and AC power needs, you can continue to customize your box with USB charging and data options. Finishing with selecting cable length and color choice you are provided with a bill of materials to place your order.

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The SYM-IN "In Table" model provides an attractive user interface while solid construction throughout ensures reliable performance in demanding environments.

There are a variety of stock models available allowing access to network, CATx cables along with AV cables and AC power. Standard models can be ordered with up to three AC outlets, two USB charging ports, and two low voltage openings that receive FSR Simple Solutions and Hubbell™ keystone style snap in connectors.

Select your frame option from the drop down menu based off the table below. Each frame will be able to accommodate a specific number of inserts based on its overall dimensions.

SYM-IN -Single Side Table BoxDimensionsInsert Part Options
Table Box Frame A Overall 6.3" x 5.43" 2AC-1SS-AW or 2AC-1CA-AW
Table Box Frame B Overall 7.73" x 5.43" 2AC-1CA-1SS-AW or 3AC-1CA-AW
Table Box Frame C Overall 8.69" x 5.43" 2AC-1CA-2SS-AW
Table Box Frame D Overall 10.12" x 5.43" 3AC-1CA-2SS-AW
Model Suffix KeyDescription
AC # of AC Outlets
CA # of USB Chargers
SS # of Snap-In Insert Kits
AW Aluminum With White Inserts

Keystone Snap-In Connectors for Symphony

18130 SS-CAT5e-W-SYM Punch Down CAT5e Jack 1000BASE-T
18132 SS-CAT6-W-SYM Punch Down CAT-6 Jack 10GbE
18129 SS-HDMI-W-SYM and TBL Box White Pass-Thru
17624 SS-SCAT6A-CAT6A Shielded Snap-In Connector
46966 SS-USBA-B-Pass Thru Snap-In fits any SS-3Port and Table Boxes
25991 SS-RJ45-B-SYM Pass Thru Snap-In Black Connector CAT 5E
16820 SS-RJCAT6-B-Pass Thru Snap-In Black RJ-45 Cat 6 Connector
26968 6' Female HD-15 Chassis Mount to Male Cable for VGA Insert
36131 1/8" or 3.5MM Headphone Jack to 3-Pin Screw Terminal for VGA Insert
31008 Replacement Hubbell .5U Blank White Insert
31009 Replacement Hubbell 1U Blank White Insert
31010 Replacement Hubbell 1U 1 Keystone White Insert
31011 Replacement Hubbell 1U 2 Keystone Insert
31012 Replacement Hubbell 1.5U XLR Opening White Insert
31015 Replacement Hubbell 1.5U VGA and 1.5MM Jack White Insert


  • Elegant Aluminum Design
  • Compact size
  • Commercial Use Rated
  • Up to 2 Dual USB Inserts, 4 amps each
  • Sized to fit Cat-6 and larger cables
  • Sized to fit HDMI Bulkheads and cables


• Desks
• Boardroom Tables
• Lecterns
• Control Consoles
• Lab Tables
• Classrooms
•Work Tables
• Huddle Areas
• Multipurpose Rooms