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Table Mounts for iPad

tm-ipmininb-trs-wht- white ipad mini table top mnt, no button, tilt/rotate/swivel
tm-ipmininb-trs-wht- white ipad mini table top mnt, no button, tilt/rotate/swiveltm-ipmini-trs-blk- ipad mini table top mnt, tilt/rotate/swiveltm-ipdnb-tr-wht- white ipad table top mnt, no button, tilt/rotate

iPad Table Mounts

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The TM-IPD and TM-IPMINI are new mounting solutions for the iPad’s. These rugged units can be placed on any desk top, counter, or table surface.

The TM-IPDs can be effective in stores for digital displays including demonstrations, tradeshows, conferences, as well as residential use. This secure iPad mount is a great advertising aid and works well as a mini billboard. Their design is simple and matches the Apple products with finishes in black or white. Custom finishes are available on request.

The swivel models are perfect for Collaboration, Telepresence, Huddle areas and facilitate user sharing. Swivel models must be permanently and securely mounted to a desk, table top or other surface using the mounting holes in the base. There are provisions for limiting the travel distance of the swivel, if desired, via supplied stop screws.

Rotating action on all models allows users to quickly reposition between an indexed portrait and landscape orientation. The tilt mechanics are extremely flexible to handle all viewing positions. They can also be ordered with or without the “home button” opening for limited access applications.

Depending on the model, the mount includes one of Apple’s two connector styles. The unit comes pre-wired with either the older 30 pin connector or the new lightning connector cable. Cabling exits the back via a small hole, or can be passed through the table
surface on all models.

Table Mount Features

  • Non skid material on base keeps the stand secure on flat surfaces
  • Fixed 90° rotation with integrated stops for landscape or portrait viewing
  • Tilts up and down easily for viewing from the standing or seated position via an oversized friction hinge
  • The swivel unit rotates more than 180° for multi user applications
  • Non swivel unit is weighted for free standing stability or can can be mounted to the surface for security
  • Power button access on all units with built in disable feature
  • Front panel camera and speaker ports on all units
  • Colors: Painted black or white. Custom finishes are available on request.

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