HuddleVU Works Platinum Bundle

huddlevu-works-platinumHuddleVU Platinum Top ViewHuddleVU Platinum Overhead

Complete Collaboration System for up to 7 users


Introducing the HuddleVU Works Platinum to the HuddleVU collection. The Works Platinum integrates FSR's FLEX control system with the stylish T6 table box, creating a productive and attractive workspace. Use the Works Platinum to conduct team meetings, group research assignments, peer-reviews and more. 

Why choose HuddleVU Works Platinum:

Complete Collaboration System for up to 7 users

Simple to use touch screen

Fast glitch free scaling switcher

Includes all cables for HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, and Mini DisplayPort

The only thing needed is a display

Stock models are available in 9 different finishes or can be customized with any of the hundred of finishes Wilsonartâ„¢ offers.

 See why the HuddleVU Platinum is the complete collaboration solution


HuddleVU table (1) 6" Hole (2) 3.5" holes( Select height and finish)

6" Table Box with Flex Control Unit - Round - RTC Black (chassis only)

Seven Input Multi-Format Scaling Switcher

Single HDMI Input FLEX T3 Table Box with 1 AC & 1 Cable Pull with HDMI

10' CAT 5e Network Cable

10' DisplayPort to DisplayPort  Cable

Mini DisplayPort to HDMI 12'

Bracket Kit and 4 Colored Cables

Bracket Kit and Black Cable for T3's

VGA Cable and Brackets for T3 or T6

Under Table Wiring Bracket Included with the purchase of a table.

17708 HV RKUTB 2