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HuddleVU Works Mini Bundle

HuddleVU Mini
HuddleVU Minihuddlevu-mini-openhuddlevu-mini-overhead

Complete Collaboration System for up to 4 users


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 Introducing the HuddleVU Works Mini to the HuddleVU collection. Use the Works Mini to conduct those mini meetings, group assignments, or remote learning consultations. 

Why choose HuddleVU Works Mini:

Complete Collaboration System for up to 4 users.

Simple to use push button system with feedback

Includes all cables for HDMI

Includes VGA to HDMI Signal Converter

The only thing needed is a display

Stock models are available in 9 different finishes or can be customized with any of the hundred of finishes Wilsonartâ„¢ offers.

See why the HuddleVU Works Mini is the complete collaboration solution


MiniVU Table (Select height and finish)

HuddleVU T6 4-HDMI

HuddleVU PC Input Conversion Kit (includes DV-PC2HD Converter)

Bracket Kit and 4 Colored cables


Under Table Wiring Bracket Included with the purchase of a table.

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