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owb-cp1-w-wht- outdoor wall box & cover w/ 2 & 3 gang mounting plate with window - white


16983, 16984, 16985, 16986, 16987, 16990
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The OWB-CP1 outdoor wall box is designed to mount a variety of control panels including hard switches, elastomeric pads, touch screens, and infrared pickups. The square shape allows mounting in any orientation so the door can swing left, right or up.

The enclosure is available in white with two different door styles; with or without a window. The standard enclosure comes ready to surface mount. Optional mounting kits allow for either flush, or pole/pipe mounting. The OWB-CP1 is constructed from aluminum with stainless steel hardware throughout. This NEMA-4 style enclosure will provide protection against dirt, rain, sleet and snow.

The back box includes mounting brackets for mounting both 2 and 3 gang electrical plates. Optional internal plates accept popular control panels from Crestron and AMX. A blank plate is offered for custom fabrication by the user or by a third party custom panel house. All plates are square and can be mounted horizontally or vertically depending on the application.

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All Wall Boxes are sold with a FREE LITE-it.

• Safe secure control panel mounting
• Suitable for NEMA 4 outdoor use
• Low profile cover
• Locking cover door with key
• Surface or flush mounting kits available
• Large selection of models
• Blank plates for custom mounting

• Tiki Bars
• Hotels
• Conference Centers
• Airports
• Arenas
• Open Cabanas
• Pool Decks
• Residential
• Theme parks