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PVC Concrete Floor Pour Box

sf-pb- smartfit 4" pour box only

4" Pour Box Covers

16598, 16600, 16603, 16601, 16599, 16602
SmartFit 4" Pour Box

Let us help you design your box with our SmartFit Designer.

The PVC Pour Box is used in concrete pours for 3-6" and offers the following:

  • Cover mounts directly to included mounting clips (no adjustment ring is necessary).
  • Oversized 1 and 1½" data conduit hub provides increased cable capacity and helps maintain proper bend radii.
  • Saves time and money on installation with a simple saw cut for an after-pour adjustment.
  • PVC floor box and universal cover combination exceeds UL514A scrub water requirements.
  • For use in concrete pours from 3" to 6"
  • Supplied with concrete cap, conduit reducers, and conduit hub plugs.