Matrix Switcher Family

pfd-16x16-rgba- rgba rgb-hv matrix - with audio

Large PathFinder Matrix Switchers



The Pathfinder Matrix Switcher family is a ground-up devel-opment aimed at bringing new capabilities and a new level of performance to matrix switching.

In order for a display to accurately reproduce the original image, every component in the video system must have enough bandwidth to carry the signal and be as flat as possible in order to maintain the clarity and color fidelity. The Pathfinders set a new standard in both areas.

Excellent Bandwidth and Frequency Response. The HD Component and RGB models feature greater than 600MHz@-3dB bandwidth with +/- 1.0 dB flatness to 300MHz making the Pathfinders the highest bandwidth and flattest matrix switchers on the market. For Composite and S-Video users, the Pathfinders offer 200MHz@-3dB bandwidth with +/- 0.5dB flatness to 150MHz.

FSR’s optional cable length equalization feature allows the user to adjust for signal loss on both the input and output sides of the Pathfinder taking the worry out of longer cable run applications. The settings are easily programmed from the unit’s front panel or via RS-232 commands.

The newest feature to be added to the Pathfinders is Split Mode Switching. This allows each color channel to be switched independently. Take an 8x8 RGBHV matrix as an example. Inputs 1-4 could be assigned to be RGB while the Red channel on inputs 5-8 can be composite while the Green and Blue channels on inputs 5-8 are S-Video. This allows one physical matrix switcher to perform the duties of several units saving money by ensuring that the switching capabilities are present as video types and resolutions are upgraded in the future.

The Pathfinders are available in sizes ranging from 8x4 to 32x32. Chassis sizes are optimized based on matrix sizes and video types to save as much space as possible in the rack.

Pathfinders are available for composite, S-Video, HD compo-nent and RGBHV. The stereo audio option provides balanced and unbalanced stereo audio switching with independent input trim control and output volume control. Independent input gain switches allow unity or +14 dB gain settings for each input to maintain optimal S/N ratio.

Key Features:

• Sizes to Fit the Install 8x4 through 32x32 Available as Composite, S-Video, Component and RGBHV Video Types
• HD Compatible 720p, 1080i, 1080p and 2k by 1k Digital Cinema
• Split Mode Switching
• Optional Balanced Stereo Audio +/-10 dB Input Trim Pro / Consumer Pad -45 to +5 Output Volume Control
• Genlock Input
• Optional Cable Length Equalization
• User Customized Protected Button Labels
• 32 Global or Selective Output Presets
• RS-232 and IP Remote Control Ports
• Redundant Power supply included on 24x16 and larger models with power supply failure alerts via email.


•    Video Room Combining
•    K-12 and Higher Ed
•    Houses of Worship
•    Control Rooms
•    Planning, Deployment and Monitoring Centers
•    Courtrooms
•    City Government Centers

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