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FRK Series of Fire Rated Floor Boxes

fl-500p-6-frk- 6” box & frk installation kit
fl-500p-6-frk- 6” box & frk installation kitTemporary floor box cover

FL-FRK-500P Covers

FL-500P-6-FRK Fire Resistant Kit with temporary cover

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Our new Fire-Resistant floor boxes expand the versatility of our floor box line by providing enhanced, fire-resistant versions of our existing products. All of our Fire-Resistant Products are UL Listed and complies with UL 263 Fire Resistance Ratings and UL 514 Scrub water requirements. The FRK fire-resistant kit is offered in two sizes: item 17508 FL-500P-6-FRK and 17509 FL-605P-6-FRK. Both models include a UL listed 3-hour fire-resistant floor box system comprised of a FireStop box, and four FL-FRK 1 1/2" Intumescent-lined Conduit Assemblies, hardware and installation instructions.

Fire Resistant Floor Box Features

    • Complete kit including Floor Box, Pour Pan and Heat isolating conduits
    • Complies with UL 263 Fire Resistance Ratings
    • Offered in: FL-500P-6 and FL-605P-6 *Other depths available consult an FSR sales associate
    • Maintains the fire-resistance rating for a three-hour floor

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