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Ballroom Combining Systems with Line Level Inputs

ml-500- 4 room ballroom combining system
ml-500- 4 room ballroom combining systemml-500- 4 room ballroom combining system

4 Room Combining System for Ballrooms

Audio combining and multiple microphone control for 2 to 4 rooms has never been more cost effective and efficient!

Designed for the smaller meeting spaces, the ML-500 is perfect for those areas that require background music and multiple microphones per room.

Along with hotels and conference centers, the ML-500 is perfect for churches, country clubs, gymnasiums, funeral homes, banquet halls, and general divisible meeting spaces.

Provisions are made for the control of up to four separate rooms. Rooms may be used independently or mixed to either of two separate mix buses for full flexibility. Local control plates in each room provide control over microphone and music functions, room volume and mix bus assignment. The heavy gauge steel security cover locks to prevent unauthorized tampering of the room settings while adding to the durability of the system. Since mixing is accomplished at the local wallplates, access to the rack area is not required for setup. The ML-500 may be used with any brand of amplifier or mixer, allowing the system to be tailored to specific user requirements or easily retrofitted into existing areas.