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Folder ADA Compliance

Smart-Way ADA Complaince Document

Folder BIM Objects

Building Information Modeling files
Also available on

Folder Brochures

The place to find print quality materials designed for certain markets and/or product families.

Folder Discontinued Products

EOL doesn't mean SOL at FSR!
Inside you'll find many types of files related to EOL products.

Folder Drawings & Renders

Detailed Product Drawings and Renderings provide in-depth product knowledge.

Folder Firmware & Software

The latest Firmware/Software repository for our Professional A/V and Control gear.
Please contact Technical Support before using any updates found here if you are having an issue.

Folder Manuals & Guides

Product Manuals, Installation Guides, Quick Start Guides and more, to help with your next installation.

Folder Spec Sheet

Continually updated product data sheets

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Image 18136_RT6_R2_ABK_OH_CLOSED.jpg Popular

Tagged in RT6-R2/RD4 658 downloads

Download (jpg, 43 KB)


Image 18136_RT6_R2_ABK_OPEN.jpg Popular

Tagged in RT6-R2/RD4 742 downloads

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Image 18140_RT6_R2_ALM_CLOSED.jpg Popular

Tagged in RT6-R2/RD4 647 downloads

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Image 18140_RT6_R2_ALM_OH_CLOSED.jpg Popular

Tagged in RT6-R2/RD4 612 downloads

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Image 18140_RT6_R2_ALM_OH_OPEN.jpg Popular

Tagged in RT6-R2/RD4 664 downloads

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Image 18140_RT6_R2_ALM_OPEN.jpg Popular

Tagged in RT6-R2/RD4 649 downloads

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pdf LIT1598 UNITY RT6 TABLE BOX SPEC.pdf Popular

Tagged in RT6-CL2, RT6-R2/RD4, RT6-S3/4 3209 downloads

Download (pdf, 1.03 MB)

LIT1598H Unity Table Box Spec Sheet.pdf

pdf LIT1680D T6 Bracket Spec Sheet Popular

Tagged in CT6, RT6-R2/RD4, RT6-S3/4, T6-Brackets 382 downloads

Download (pdf, 748 KB)

LIT1680D T6 Bracket Spec Sheet (1).pdf

pdf LIT1731E Office Interior Technology Brochure 2021.pdf Popular

Tagged in Bck-Sld, CT6, CT6-FLEX, Dual-Digital, Dual-Legacy, Quad-Digital-Kit, Quad-Universal, RT6-R2/RD4, RT6-S3/4, SW, SW-321STK, SW-STK, SYM-CL, SYM-DIN, SYM-IN, SYM-LX, SYM-PD, SYM-POP, SYM-UT, TC-CHRG, TC-WC1, WM-CMPT, WM-UTR1S 1583 downloads

Download (pdf, 4.20 MB)

LIT1731E Office Interior Technology 2021.pdf

pdf RT6-R2.pdf Popular

Tagged in RT6-R2/RD4 797 downloads

default RT6-R2_Sheet_1.dwg Popular

Tagged in RT6-R2/RD4 601 downloads

Download (dwg, 207 KB)


default RT6-R2_Sheet_1.dxf Popular

Tagged in RT6-R2/RD4 223 downloads

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default RT6-R2_Sheet_2.dwg Popular

Tagged in RT6-R2/RD4 576 downloads

Download (dwg, 184 KB)


default RT6-R2_Sheet_2.dxf Popular

Tagged in RT6-R2/RD4 211 downloads

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pdf RT6-RD4.pdf Popular

Tagged in RT6-R2/RD4 616 downloads

default RT6-RD4_Sheet_1.dwg Popular

Tagged in RT6-R2/RD4 547 downloads

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default RT6-RD4_Sheet_1.dxf Popular

Tagged in RT6-R2/RD4 227 downloads

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default RT6-RD4_Sheet_2.dwg Popular

Tagged in RT6-R2/RD4 548 downloads

Download (dwg, 237 KB)