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Symphony Linx


Symphony Linx AC Interconnect System - (1) main unit & (1) satellite unit. Also available with an optional second satellite unit.
Symphony Linx LogoSymphony Linx simplifies your power and data needs on and under a single work surface area. The system provides ease of accessibility combined with an attractive design to power the devices we use at the places where we work and learn. Symphony Linx are hardwired at the factory. The Main table box powers up to two Satellite units from the Main unit AC power cord. Designed with reconfiguration in mind, Symphony Linx helps make any workspace a technology-rich environment for your team. Select clamp-on above table and under-table models with a choice of AC power cord length, interconnecting cord lengths, and various connector plate choices.
Symphony Linx System on Benching Desk

The Main unit is an under-table mounted box with four AC outlets and an “SS” insert kit that includes a single keystone, two keystones, and a blank plate. The Main unit can be ordered with either a 6’ or 9’ AC power cord.

LINX Interconnect System

The Main unit powers the Satellite unit(s) via an AC inter-connect cord(s) and can be ordered in lengths appropriate for your table size. Up to two Satellite units in either clamp-on or under-table mounting styles can be ordered with two connector plate options offered.

System color is available in black or white. (See ordering table on Symphony Linx Spec Sheet.)

Symphony Linx Color Choices

Custom orders available on request. (Maximum: Two Satellite units, eight AC outlets and two dual charger inserts per system.) Consult factory.

Example of a Model Number: SYM-LXU41S-6:U211S-3:C21-2:W
Main Unit is an Under table style mount with four AC outlet inserts , one SS Insert Kit and a 6’ AC Power cord.
Satellite #1 is an Under table style mount with two AC outlet inserts, one CA dual charger insert, one SS insert kit and a 3’ AC Interconnect cord.
Satellite #2 is an Clamp style mount with two AC outlet inserts, one CA dual charge insert and a 2’ AC Interconnect Cord. System color is white.

Need assistance selecting your model number? Contact inside sales at 1-800-332-3771