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Ceiling Boxes with Prewired MLS



Pre-wired ceiling boxes with Modular Linx System starter cable

InfoComm 2021 CB-MLS Feature

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 The CB-MLS eliminates coordinating visits to the job site to connect power to a FSR ceiling box. With the MLS pre-wired ceiling boxes, the electrical contractor can install and power the MLS starter cable at any time during the initial construction phase. When other technicians arrive they can install the ceiling box and plug into the MLS system and provide power. The CB-MLS eliminates coordinating return visits to the site to connect AC to the ceiling box after the AV contractor completes hanging the unit. The AV contractor will now be able to complete the AV install without multiple trips to the site.

 CB + Pre-wired MLS with Electrical Box


  • Pre-wired ceiling box with MLS starter cable
  • Provides the ability to install and power at the beginning of the construction phase
  • Eliminate return visits to connect power after ceiling box is mounted
  • Mount, install equipment, wire, and test all in one visit
  • Ceiling Boxes with Pre-wired MLS save time and money