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8" Fire Rated Poke Thru Complete Box

sf8-cpt-jnc1-alm- 8” pk with cover and 2 sub-plates (1” + 1.5” ko)

8" SF Fire Rated Comp. Box

17369, 17370, 17371, 17372, 17373, 17374, 17375, 17376, 17377
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FSR's Fire-Rated "Poke-Thru" floor boxes provide aesthetics and installation ease. These sturdy core hole products combine flexibility via recessed mounting bracketry to accommodate a wide assortment of power, data and audio video connection options. Covers are available in 3 architectural finishes: Brushed Aluminum , Brushed Brass and Black providing an attractive appearance with superior durability. The entire cover door swings open 180° and the smaller cable access doors fold down for cable egress while the cover door is secure.

A complete line of sub-plates for device mounting is available to populate the interior middle and end areas of the housing.


  • 2-hour fire rating
  • 180° access door opening
  • Flange height 0.15" and complies with ADA requirements
  • Power wiring junction box included
  • Complies with UL514A for scrub water test
  • 1000lb. cover load rating with 2x safety factor
  • ULC and cULus


  • Drop down cable access doors reduce trip hazard
  • Pre-pour tubes remove the need for core hole drilling
  • Sub-plates accept IPS Plates and third party devices
  • NEMA WD6 Device spacing
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