General Purpose Relay Cards

k-10d- break-away 5 sets of 2 relays for up/dn, open/close

Break-Away 5 sets of 2 relays for UP/DN, Open/Close

These K-10D relays can be driven from a low level GPIO input and be effectively used where a relay output is required from an open collector output. These handy boards provide a simple method to interface a low level control output from a control system such as the FSR Flex Gpio ports to higher level loads such as a low voltage screen controller. They can also be used to reverse control output logic if necessary. The units use captive screw terminals for fast, easy wiring and include on-board LED's that monitor relay state. The K-10D "5 pack" includes the "snap away" relay modules and hook and loop mounting strips.

Key Features:
•5 "Break-Away" PC Boards with 2 NO SPST

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