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In-Table Wireless Charger

black table coaster with qi wireless charging
black table coaster with qi wireless chargingwhite table coaster with qi wireless chargingwireless table coasterwireless table coaster

Table coaster Qi wireless charger

The TC-WC1 in-table Wireless Coaster is FSR's new wireless charger and the latest addition to the company's Table Coaster AC & Charging Solutions. TC-WC1 can charge cell phones equipped to work with "Qi" wireless chargers. It can be used for fast wireless charging when attached to an adaptive fast charge power supply; and can also charge at standard rates when used with standard power cords.

 TC WC1 in table


Available in Black or White finishes, they can be purchased as a standalone product but are also used in FSR's Huddle BLOX charging end-table line of products.

HuddleBlox in office