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The new OWB-X Outdoor Wall Box series is the latest addition to FSR’s metal products line. Locking doors in white are standard with other color and style options available upon request. These stylish covers have “flip up” cable entry doors so that the main cover door can be locked once the cables are connected. Two box styles are available that will allow for either flush “in wall” or surface “on wall” mounting.

The enclosures are constructed in NEMA-4 style and with the integral door will meet the NEMA-3 and 3R ratings providing protection against falling dirt, rain, sleet and snow.

The back box is currently available with four different connector mounting configurations. The internal connector mounting styles handle standard gang plates, FSR’s huge assortment IPS inserts, “XLR” type connectors or a blank plate is supplied for custom fabricating by the user.

The OWB-X-GNG “gang” style back box includes factory mounted moveable high voltage dividers so that compartments containing AC line power can be isolated from low voltage and signal areas. Multiple gang arrangements are accomplished with a combination of supplied moveable dividers and spacer/filler panels.

The OWB-X3-IPS and -XLR style back boxes have tapped holes on the connector mounting plates for easy connector mounting and are painted black.The OWB-X3-PLT style has a blank mounting plate to be punched or drilled by the user per their requirements. The depth of the plate is field adjustable.

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All Wall Boxes are sold with a FREE LITE-it.


• Safe, secure cable management
• Suitable for NEMA 3 and 3R outdoor use
• Low profile cover
• Locking cover door with key
• Surface or flush versions available
• Tapped connector mounting holes ease installation
• Custom door colors available (consult factory)
• IPS and XLR style connector plates are painted black and have room for customer provided ID name plate
• Large selection of models
• Blank plate models for custom mounting

• Schools
• Hotels
• Conference Centers
• Airports
• Arenas
• Houses of Worship
• Residential
• Theme parks

Custom Options:
• Smaller sizes with display windows
• Lock options
• Depth
• Material
• Mounting
• Interior layout