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Mic Jacks with Built in Mute

t3-mj-1bm-blk- mic mount, 1 button w/ mute - imp noise isolation - black cover


17240, 17238, 17242
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The first elegant way to mount a goose neck microphone. This stylish, mini tablebox is available in three finishes (brass, silver, or black) to compliment a variety of decors.

The T3-MJ+ is a simple installation requiring a 2-inch round hole. Less than 1.5-inches of under table clearance is required. The built-in, acoustically isolated microphone connector accommodates microphones with 3-pin XLR plugs of a diameter of 1-inch or less and provides superior shock and vibration damping.

They are designed to accommodate a wide range of tables and lecterns with up to 2-1⁄8-inch thick surfaces. An undertable shroud is provided as part of the assembly.

The T3-MJ+1BM or 2BM models feature an internally pre-wired built in mute feature. The right switch, when pressed, will alternate between mute / unmute states. Mute status is provided via the bi-color LED with red indicating mute and green indicating active. Power for this feature is derived from the mixer’s phantom power source.