Wall Mounted Enclosure

ts-400- top shelf wall rack with 4 rack units


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The Top Shelf is a wall mounted enclosure intended to be installed at the ceiling and can accommodate up to 4 RU of equipment.

In addition, Top Shelf provides ample space to mount AC receptacles, AV interfaces and signal termination plates with 9 single gang mounting positions, 4 two gang mounting positions as well as knockouts for cable pass-through and a 6 IPS plate mounting area.

Top Shelf's locking plastic cover keeps the equipment mounted inside secure while allowing Wi-Fi and other wireless RF signals to pass between the equipment and the room.

Key Features:
• Three position Rack depth adjustment
• Mounts on wall, flush with ceilings
• Mounting is independent of ceiling
• Fan option provides up to 110 watts of equipment cooling
• Assortment of cable clamps included
• Locking Cover
• 50 lb. equipment capacity
• Mounting kit included with hardware to satisfy most installations
• Cover allows Wi-Fi and other wireless devices to pass through


  • Mounts up to 4 RU of Equipment
  • Excellent cable management
  • 9 single gang positions
  • 4 double gang positions
  • 6 positions for IPS plates