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PWB-280 Wallbox For Use With SVSI Encoders

pwb-280-svsi-wht- wall box for the svsi encoders
pwb-280-svsi-wht- wall box for the svsi encoderspwb-280-svsi-wht- wall box for the svsi encoders - white

17696, 17695
PWB-280 Wall Box For the SVSI Encoders
SVSI Encoder Bracket Set

The 99543 FL-600P-3-SVSI-BRK BRACKET SET is a bracket set built specifically for the FSR FL-600P-3 box to hold SVSi N 1000/2000/3000 Series Encoders. The set includes all the brackets, hardware and instructions that are necessary to install the SVSi Encoder into the FL-600P-3 floor box.

PWB-280 Wallbox for the SVSi Encoders

The PWB-280 wall box is specifically designed to house the SVSi model N1000, N2000 or N3000 series PoE powered Encoders provided by SVSi. The encoder is mounted to a removable bracket which is in turn mounted to the PWB-280 back box.