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Room Navigator Family - Wall Plate Control System

rn-wpcs- white wall plate control system w/ 2 ir and 1 serial port

Wall Plate Control System w/ 2 IR and 1 Serial Port



The Wall Plate Control System is part of the FSR Room Navigator control products family. This mini control system is capable of directly controlling one serial and two IR devices, or any member of the Room Navigator family.

The single gang Decora wall plate is perfect for any smaller room where a DVD, VCR and computer are being switched by the display. It installs easily on any wall or desk top.

The WPCS provides not only switching but transport and menu navigation control, giving you a single point of control and eliminating any reliance on remotes. With an illuminated front panel, the WPCS is easy to see and control in any light.

Product Features: 

  • Windows® based configuration utility for easy setup
  • Configurable button command functions
  • Built-in IR learner and internal command storage
  • Internal storage for application specific information
  • Memory for all settings and commands
  • Robust configurable functions
  • Mixed format command scripting (IR and RS-232)
  • Programmable delays
  • Toggling command functions
  • Time elapsed auto execute commands (i.e., auto shutdown)
  • Auto power up scripting
  • Configurable RS-232 device control port
  • Baud rate: 7 or 8 data bits, parity support
  • IR device control port
  • Configurations can be saved as files, emailed and reused
  • Illuminated panel graphics for easy visibility in low light
  • Standard single gang size

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