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Project Wall Box For Crestron Devices

pwb-270-crst-dm-wht- project wall box for crestron dm scaler
pwb-270-crst-dm-wht- project wall box for crestron dm scalerpwb-270-crst-dm-wht- project wall box for crestron dm scaler - white


PWB-270 Wall Box For Crestron DM Scaler

The PWB-270 housing is specifically designed to quickly and easily house a Creston model DM-RMC-SCALER-C receiver and power supply, provided by Crestron, behind a wall mounted display or a projector. The scaler and power supply are mounted to a removable bracket which is mounted to the PWB-270 back box.

The back box is typically installed flush with the wall's surface, between either wood or steel studs.
The appropriate mounting bracket and screws are included. A duplex box is also included for convenience and can be mounted at either the top or bottom duplex knockout areas on the back box.

There is a two part vented cover, available in black or white, that provides convection cooling for the internal components.


  • Rugged 16 gauge steel back box
  • Black or white 1/16" painted two part cover
  • Simple installation
  • Hardware included
  • Connections and cables are hidden behind cover for a neat install
  • Multiple knockouts in a variety of sizes