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FL-540P Floor Boxes and Covers

fl-540p-6-b- 6" deep back box
fl-540p-6-b- 6" deep back boxfl-540p-6-b- 6" deep back box

FL-540P Boxes
FL-540P Covers

16704, 17586, 12500, 18079, 12505, 17170, 15486, 18265, 18267, 18154, 18269, 18270, 17900, 18266, 18268
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The FL-540P floor box is designed for raised access carpeted floors. This floor box provides a practical solution for cable storage while maintaining easy access. The lift off section of the cover allows full access to the internal cables and connector plates. A smaller hinged trap door folds back to create the cable exit. Cables can be stored within the box when not in use, allowing unencumbered travel over the floor. The sturdy drop-in floor lip supports the unit and installs flush with the floor.

 The innovation continues to the configurable back box. The FL-540P's internal brackets can be arranged to provide numerous options for both high and low voltage standard gang openings making it the most flexible and easiest to install floor box available.

The FL-540-SF8-C accessory bracket shown below enables usage of a round cover with our FL-540 floor box. 

  FL-500P-SF8-C Mounting Bracket

Note: This floor box is only intended for tiled or carpeted floors, where the accumulation of scrub water is unlikely to occur. Additionally this box is not applicable for contact with grade. For grade applications, use the FL-GRD2/4 pour pan as a foundation before box installation.


  • Hotel Lobbies
  • Conference Centers
  • Board Rooms
  • Cruise Ship
  • Anywhere an upscale, richly finished look is required
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