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Computer Video Distribution Amplifier

cda-2eq- 1x2 computer da, hd-15 connectors, pocket size

CDA Series

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The CDA-2 is a computer video distribution amplifier. It takes the input signal from the video card of a computer and splits it to be used by a projector and a monitor. This unit not only splits the signal it also buffers it to ensure absolute signal integrity at the receiving device (projector or monitor). With 300 MHz of bandwidth, the CDA-2 can support up to a QXGA (2048 x 1536 @ 60Hz) computer video signal.

The all new CDA-4 and -6 are ultra high resolution, ultra high bandwidth 1 x 4 and 1 x 6 computer distribution amplifiers suitable for applications requiring the highest possible video quality. The output channels on each unit have cable equalization permitting long cable runs while maintaining excellent signal integrity or even the highest video resolutions.This means that the signal you feed into the CDA-4 or CDA-6 will arrive at the far end of the cable with an almost immeasurable amount of loss and no distortion due to peaking effects.