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Recessed Wall Plate Mounting Covers

wb-mr4g- recessed 4 gang mounting plate w/ metal cover

Recessed Wall Plates

16277, 16278, 16279, 16280, 16281, 16282, 16274, 16275, 16276
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This Wall Box series offers 18 different models to fit your needs. Everything from recessed to surface mounts are available for new or existing construction. We have addressed the rising issue of network security with models featuring a locking metal door, available with or without a clear acrylic window in models with 2 or more gangs.

The window can be used as a view port, allowing the operator to effortlessly monitor the status of the control panel mounted in the box without opening it. The WB Series is an effective way to secure and protect wall plates and data plates with multiple network connections. They may also be used to mount other touch plates.

New/Existing Construction WB-R2G, WB-R3G, WB-R4G Recessed Wall Box W/O Cover 2,3,4
New/Existing Construction WB-PR2G, WB-PR3G, WB-PR4G Recessed Wall Box W/ Cover, W/ Window 2,3,4
New/Existing Construction WB-MR2G, WB-MR3G, WB-MR4G Recessed Wall Box W/ Cover, W/O Window 2,3,4
New/Existing Construction WB-PS2G, WB-PS3G, WB-PS4G, WB-PS5G Surface Wall Box W/ Cover, W/ Window 2,3,4,5
New/Existing Construction WB-MS1G, WB-MS2G, WB-MS3G, WB-MS4G, WB-MS5G Surface Wall Box W/ Cover, W/O Window 1,2,3,4,5
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