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PWB-100 Wall Box


Project Wall Box

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The PWB-100 has a new design upgrade. The PWB-100 now has the ability to mount 1 decorator plate device, 1 low voltage device, or 1 provided Gem box and is compatible with FSR’s 4 and 6 IPS inserts. The PWB-100 is the essential installation accessory for any flat panel display. It installs easily in the wall behind any display allowing your screen to sit flush against the wall. This unit provides a neat and secure environment for the audio, video, control and power connections.

Triple Play Mounting Solution

PWB 100 Knockout Detail 2

All models are ready to install and include a two part cover with mounting screws in either black or white. Screws are provided for wood or steel stud mounting, grounding screws, tie wraps, and a rubber grommet all included.

The cover is available in white or black and is suitable for painting or other finishing, giving it the flexibility to match any décor. It has a cable exit slot for the display connections and the excess cable can easily be hidden inside of the box making the entire installation as clean as possible. The cover screws onto the front of the box once all connections are in place. We designed this wall box for new and existing construction. Brackets are included for mounting to studs in new construction as well as surface mount clips for mounting to sheet rock or plywood in existing construction.


• Available with new design, the Triple Play Mounting Solution
• Rugged 14 gauge steel back box with 1/16” front cover
• Compatible with FSR’s IPS inserts
• Can be installed in new or old work (mounting adapters included)
• AC and low voltage back box included
• Connectors are hidden behind an attractive cover
• Multiple knockouts in a variety of sizes
• UL listed AC back box provided


• Anywhere a video display is wall mounted!
• Digital Signage           • Electronic Billboards
• Conference Centers     • Museums
• Schools                       • General Meeting Facilities
• Airports                       • Arenas