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4" Fire Rated Poke Thru Box and Cover

sf4-cpt-qac-blk- black 4” poke thru and cover - no sub plate
sf4-cpt-qac-blk- black 4” poke thru and cover - no sub platesf4-cpt-qac-alm- aluminum 4” poke thru and cover - no sub plate

SmartFit 4" Box and Cover

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FSR's Fire-Rated "Poke-Thru" floor boxes provide aesthetics and installation ease. These sturdy core hole products combine flexiblity via recessed mounting bracketry to accommodate a wide assortment of power, data and audio video connection options. Covers are available in 3 architectural finishes: Brushed Aluminum, Brushed Brass and Black providing an attractive appearance with superior durability. The entire cover door swings open 180° and the smaller cable access doors fold down for cable egress while the cover door is secure.

4" Fitting Includes Junction Box and Dividers


  • Step down installation
  • Maintains concrete floor fire rating up to 2 hrs
  • Junction box standard, 27 cubic inches
  • (1) 3/4"  conduit for power and (2) 1/2" conduits for low voltage
  • 0.12" thick cover flange, ADA Compliant