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Quad Universal Kit

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CT6 Table Box with 4x1 Scaling Auto Switcher with HDBT, DisplayPort, (2) HDMI, VGA IN

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The kits range from 2-4 users. Eachkit includes a table box, a switcher and all the necessary cables. Bundles can be upgraded with optional cable retractors. Included with the Quad Universal kit is a 4 button Harmony Table box, cable kit (4) or Retractor Kit (4), output cables (2) (10' 28AWG V1.4 HDMI Black Cable) and the DV-HDSS-41-Tx 4x1 Scaling Switcher and Concertto Under Table Channels (2). Depending or your selection, cable kit or retractor kit will include mini DisplayPort, DisplayPort, VGA, HDMI. With CEC and auto sense, simplicity is the key with the HuddleVU Kits. As each user connects, the system will automatically switch to the correct input or use the simple push buttons. Each kit can be upgraded with optional retractors.

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The accompanying DV-HDSS-41-Tx scaling switcher is a true HDBaseT 5-Play output that transmits HD Video (up to 4K @60hz), Audio, Bi-Directional RS-232 Control, Ethernet, and Power via 1 CAT-6A shielded cable out to 100 meters. Due to the scaling engine the DV-HDSS-41-Tx does need to be powered locally, but it can remotely power any of our other 100 meter HDBaseT receivers or non-scaling receivers via the CAT-6A shielded cable. It can be controlled via front panel push-buttons, contact closure, RS-232, or Auto-switching to the latest input, when detecting any input connected or disconnected. It also provides LED Feedback for contact closures.

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What’s In The Box:

  • Harmony (4) Button Table Box in Aluminum or Black
  • 4K Scaling Digital Switcher & HDBaseT
  • T6 AC Charge Bracket with (2) AC and (2) USB
  • Bracket For (2) Snap-In Jacks
  • Instructional Insert Card Installed in Cover
  • Universal Insert
  •  (2) Under Table Channels for running cables


Cables Included:

  • (2) 10’ HDMI Cables
  • (1) 10’ VGA Cable M/M
  • (1) Mini to DisplayPort Cable
  • (1) 10’ HDMI Output Cable
  • Switch / Lamp Cable

or upgrade to our retractor package

 HuddleVU Retractors ISO