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T3U-2 with 2 AC and 2 Inserts

t3u-2r-blk- table box ac duplex black cover and trim


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Designed expressly for applications requiring multiple access boxes within the same table, the FSR T3U RIM Series handles data, power, and AV connections in a low profile box.

You can match almost any decor with the T3U RIM Series cover finish selection.The T3U RIM Series easily installs in any table surface with thickness ranging from a minimum .75” to a maximum of 2.75”. In the open position, the T3U RIM Series cover protrudes a mere 1.19” from the table top. Under the table, the T3U RIM Series extends only 3.5”.

The FSR T3U RIM Series offer a variety of connection schemes through the use of interchangeable snap in connectors and mounting plates. This allows the plates to be populated by the installer and can be changed as the need arises. FSR offers a complete line of connectors and plates to satisfy most installation requirements.



  • Board Room Tables
  • Conference Rooms
  • Podiums