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Large Audio Video Box

tb-ips-blk- tilting table box for 8 ips inserts - black
tb-ips-blk- tilting table box for 8 ips inserts - blacktb-ips-blk- tilting table box for 8 ips inserts - blacktb-ips-blk- tilting table box for 8 ips inserts - black

Tilting Table Box for 8 IPS Inserts - Black

Made to order with a minimum of 25

Let us help you design your box with our TB-IPS Configurator

The TB-IPS Table Box offers convenience at an affordable price. The tilt top style box can be easily configured for any job specific cabling scenario. The unit has openings for up to (8) eight single IPS insert plates or a variety of multiple plate arrangements.

The TB-IPS table box is available in a Black Anodized finish. In the open position, the connectors will be at approximately a 35° angle from vertical. This is to accommodate a seated person at the table, with the box being 22” from the edge of the table. There is up to 4” of clearance behind the IPS plate surface.

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The IPS (Intelligent Plate Solutions) line offers a wide variety of interconnect solutions that satisfy virtually any AV and DATACOM interface application. Customizing just became standard at budget friendly prices. Create unlimited combinations of connector inserts with this diverse assortment of IPS inserts that work well with the TB-IPS table box.

The insert connectors are mounted to steel plates insuring a life-time of service. The inserts are available with no labeling, standard labeling, or FSR will custom label them for you as well. Additionally, our IPS inserts can be changed at any time for an easy upgrade. All IPS inserts carry a limited lifetime warranty.



• Court Rooms
• Desks
• Boardroom Tables
• Lecterns
• Control Consoles
• Lab Tables
• Classrooms



• Can be mounted in a wide variety of tables with thicknesses ranging from .75” to 2.25”
• IPS openings can use FSR IPS-D717S USB Chargers
• Connector plates can be populated to match the specific application and customer needs
• Can be reconfigured at any time as requirements change
• Available in Black Anodized finish