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Welcome to FSR's TB-IPS/BOSE Configurator

The TB-IPS/BOSE Configurator allows you to design and print a configuration of FSR's TB-IPS and TB-BOSE Table Boxes

  • To start, select one of the Table Box options on the right.
  • Next select the category of inserts from the drop down list on the right that you would like to add to the Table Box . Click-drag the insert over the opening in the Table Box and release. Continue until you are finished.
  • You can rearrange inserts by click-dragging them to a new position.
  • You can remove an insert by click-dragging it off the mounting plate.
  • Once you are finished you can print out your design and part list by clicking the "Print" button.

  • To start over click on "Clear".
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  TB-IPS/BOSE Configurator Help 
TB-IPS/BOSE Configurator Help