Distribution For FSR's DC Powered USB Chargers

ss-usb-chrg-ps6- 6 universal charging port power supply

Universal Charging Port Power Supply

The SS-USB-CHRG-PS6 is a remote power solution for FSR's IT-USB-CHRG, SS-USB-CHRG and IPS-D717S DC Powered USB Chargers. It consists of a rack mounted board to remotely power up to five (5) DC Powered USB Chargers and a 15 VDC@ 6A power supply with AC power cord.

Key Features:
•1-RU (1.75") high, low-voltage distribution board
•Two mounting holes are provided to attach to the rear rack rails in a rack
•Rear of PCB should be covered (black foam tape may be used)
•All connections are via captive-screw terminals
•Power supply is included to handle up to 5 remote FSR DC Powered USB Chargers.
•On-Board LED power indicator
•Inexpensive solution for remote USB power distribution