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Stereo or Mono Volume Control Module

it-vcm- stereo audio volume control module - serial

Stereo Audio Volume Control Module - Serial

The IntelliTools IT-VCM is a stereo or mono line level volume control module.

The IT-VCM accepts a balanced or unbalanced stereo audio line level source and provides a balanced stereo output. The module is able to sum the stereo inputs to mono. An input gain switch can be set to boost the low audio level of consumer equipment to professional levels. The unit can be used in any application where remote control of the audio level is desired, such as between the pre-out and main-in jacks of integrated amplifiers or receivers that were built without remote control.

The IT-VCM can be controlled three different ways; RS-232
commands, remote switches or remote potentiometer.

Power Requirements: Power Supplies are sold separately. One Power Supply can power up to (5) IT-VCM modules, saving wiring headaches and money.

Below is a typical application diagram showing how useful these modules really are: