Mic Mute Module

it-mm- mic mute module w/ led drive and switch interface

Mic Mute Module w/ LED Drive and Switch Interface

The IT-MM Microphone Mute Module is the latest addition to FSR's Intelli-Tools family. It provides a convenient method to control microphone muting or activation, simplifying the installation process. All of the cables are terminated using pluggable screw terminals for quick on site hookup. Local LED's indicate power and mute status. The external LED output terminals are current limited and are used to indicate mute/unmute status. An on board slide switch can toggle the mute/unmute switch logic so the unit can be used in a variety of applications such as "push to talk" and paging. The IT-MM is a great companion accessory for FSR's T3-MJ-1B microphone mount.



•"Push to talk"
• Paging

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