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InfoComm APEx Advocate Program Logo
Original Article By Commercial Integrator

InfoComm International has introduced theAPEx Advocate program, recognizing AV manufacturers that are dedicated to supporting AV integrators and design consultants focused on “high standards of employee training and certification” who provide “exceptional solutions to their clients.”

Zdiwas thefirst companyto earn APEx distinction in 2014 and has since been joined by more than 50 other companies. The certification is based on the company achieving prescribed percentages of training and client satisfaction and must be renewed regularly.

The new APEx Advocate program “is designed for manufacturers to support APEx systems integrators through promotional consideration, outreach and preferential services,” according to InfoComm’s announcement. APEx Advocates “commit to promoting APEx integrators and consultants in their marketing and dealer training programs,” the press release says.

The first class of APEx Advocates includes Belden,Crestron,FSR,Hall Research,PeaveyandRGB Spectrum.

“Crestron is signing on to the be one of the first APEx Advocates because we support a more qualified integrator workforce,” said Dave Silberstein, director of inside sales at Crestron Electronics and chairman of InfoComm’s Manufacturers Council. “We encourage our integrators to earn the APEx designation because it proves that they believe in...


Editor’s Note: FSR is an underwriter of AVNation

Company’s Easy-To-Use, Affordable Control System Meets Specific Needs For House To Manage Multiple Mics During Legislature Sessions

Augusta, ME – (April 6, 2017) — The Maine House of Representatives, the lower house of the Maine Legislature, recently installed an FSR FLEX LT-150 control system to manage 158 microphones used during legislative sessions.  FSR is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of infrastructure products for the audio/video, Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), education, hospitality, government, and religious markets.

According to Tom Loveitt, Design, Sales and Support, Canfield Systems, Inc., who designed and installed the FSR system, the FLEX LT-150 is installed at the desk of the Assistant Clerk in the House of Representatives Chambers and is operated by the Journal Clerk during legislative sessions. The project involved replacing the existing, 18-year-old Danish Interpretive System (DIS) with a current model.

“The upgraded system, while largely superior to its predecessor, lacked certain features that were essential,”explains Loveitt. “The DIS system offered no serial control option and the room is well wired with Cat. 6 twisted pair. With the great assistance of FSR’s tech support, the...