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Trade Show Planning Checklist For Profitable Exhibitions

FSR will showcase cutting-edge AV solutions at the BICSI Fall Conference & Exhibition, IFMA World Workplace, and NECA.

Woodland Park, NJ – September 6, 2023- FSR is set to showcase brand new products and innovations at three upcoming trade shows.  They will first attend the BICSI Fall Conference & Exhibition, which showcases the latest technology trends and advancements, in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 10-14.  After, they will attend the IFMA World Workplace, the most highly acclaimed facility management conference in the world, which will take place in Denver, Colorado on September 27-29.  Lastly, they will attend NECA, which caters to electrical contractors, electrical distributors, AV dealers, and offers a place for industry professionals to convene each year so they can stay ahead of the industry landscape and prepare for the future of the electrical construction industry.  It will take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 29- October 2.  At all three shows FSR will be showcasing a wide array of their new products but highlighting select ones at each.

BICSI – Booth #1926 – September 10-14

At BICSI, FSR will be showcasing their FLH6 floor box line, the CB-22S+, and their USB-C Digital Ribbon Cable.  FSR’s FLH6 floor box line will be their most customizable and durable yet.  The floor boxes’ internal brackets can be customized in many ways to accommodate your power, audio, video, telecommunications, and data in the most practical way possible.  The CB-22S+ is their newest generation of ceiling boxes which now have integrated threaded rod mounts for easy installation as well as an increased load capacity of 140 lbs.  Their USB-C Digital Ribbon Cables deliver a speed of 10Gbps of data transfer without signal loss or delay. The cables can support the connection between a USB-C camera, hard drive, PC, or laptop.  They will deliver superior performance while providing a reliable plug-and-play user experience.


IFMA – Booth #635 – September 27-29

NECA – Booth #761 – September 29 – October 2

At both IFMA and NECA, FSR will also showcase their FLH6 floor box line and CB-22S+, but add the DV-HMSW4K-44AUD and the USB-C low profile retractor. The DV-HMSW4K-44AUD is a high-performance HDMI 2.0 4x4 Matrix Switcher with four SPDIF coaxial and analog audio outputs. It allows any Ultra HD source (e.g., Blu-ray disc™ player, HD DVD player, satellite receiver, gaming console, etc.) to be shown simultaneously on up to all four outputs.  The 3.2 Gen 2 10Gbps USB Type-C Low Profile Cable Retractor is a cable management system that offers convenience, cable storage, and protection, hiding unsightly cables when not in use. The cables can be quickly deployed by the user and extend up to six feet. A simple pull and release of the extended cable are all that is needed to return the cable to the protective reel. No button release is required.