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Educational Applications of Facebook – Part 1

The use of Facebook as an educational tool

The use of Facebook as an educational tool appears to be a polarizing topic among many of those within the field of education. A large majority of educators, particularly those serving in basic education (i.e. K-12) capacities, straight-out fear Facebook use, having been scared (and scarred) by the many stories of disciplinary actions taken against educators who used Facebook unprofessionally (whether by accident or knowingly) (Carter, 2008).

Responding to Potential and Successful Cyber-Attacks Against US Schools - Part 1

Ransomware Attacks & Password Management

In December of 2021 my school district suffered a cyber-attack. For us, this was an entirely new type of crisis to cope with. However, we learned that this is a phenomenon that many public-school district’s in the United States have experienced, are currently experiencing, and are likely to experience going forward (Klein, 2022a).