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Smart-Way Raceway System


Smart-Way Parts

The Smart-Way Raceway is provided with two types of edging giving you the ability to go either on or in your flooring. To view raceway options, device boxes, wall feeds, fittings and accessories select from the drop down.


How To Install The Smart-Way Raceway Edging


Patent No. 10,862,283

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Our Smart-Way raceway system is configurable for either on top of (vinyl, carpet, wood) or in any flooring (carpet, wood, tile, laminate) with the provided edging. The Smart-Way system reshapes how you get cables across the floor to where they're needed. Designed to fit today's working environments, the Smart-Way prioritizes functionality without sacrificing good design or beauty. With its crisp lines and sophistication, the raceway will leave a lasting impression of timeless quality. The Smart-Way is a simple, affordable and effective way to clean up messy cables and wires, while getting them across the floor where needed. 


 Smart-Way On-Floor and In-Floor Edging


The provided edgings make the Smart-Way dual purpose.Smart Way Edging Profiles 2 The in-floor edging allows you to install the raceway in any flooring .21"-.38" high. Every raceway will be shipped with two pairs of edging, allowing it to go either on- or in-floor without purchasing additional parts. A no-transition option is also available, which allows two raceways to be side-by-side (See bottom graphic on right). The no-transition edging option is available in 3-foot lengths for usage in any flooring .38"-.50" high.







*End stop (SW-END-SLT Installation Accessories) is required at the end of the raceway. Must order with system.*

Smart-Way On- & In-Floor Raceway


  • ADA Compliant
  • Perfect for offices, conference rooms, collaborative work environments, and anywhere wire management is needed with access to power and data
  • Raceway compartments provide ample space for power, communications and A/V requirements
  • Device box options provide power, communication and A/V connectivity
  • Ultra-low profile
  • Installs on top of or in any flooring for a quick installation
  • Raceway is sold in 6-foot sections
  • Available in slate-grey or bright aluminum
  • Designed with centering V-grooves in track to assist locating the drilling of pilot/clearance holes for securing fasteners, ensuring ease of installation



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