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Smart-Way Raceway System


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Smart-Way On- & In-Floor Raceway

Smart-Way On-Floor and In-Floor Edging



Our new Smart-Way raceway system is now configurable for either on top of (vinyl, carpet, wood) or in any flooring (carpet, wood, tile, laminate) with the provided edging. The Smart-Way raceway system reshapes how you get cables across the floor where they're needed. Designed to fit today's working environments, the Smart-Way prioritizes functionality without sacrificing good design or beauty. With its crisp lines and sophistication, the raceway will leave a lasting impression of timeless quality. The Smart-Way is a simple, affordable and effective way to clean up messy cables and wires, while getting them across the floor where needed. 

 Smart-Way Installed in BoardRoom


The provided edging makes the Smart-Way dual purpose.Smart Way Edging Profiles 2 The in-floor edging allows you to install the raceway in any flooring .21"-.38" high. Each raceway will be shipped with two pairs of edging, allowing it to go either on- or in-floor without purchasing additional parts. A no-transition option is also available, which allows two raceways to be side-by-side (See bottom graphic on right). The no-transition edging option is available in 3-foot lengths for usage in any flooring .38"-.50" high.







*End stop (SW-END-SLT Installation Accessories) is required at the end of the raceway. Must order with system.*

 It's Time To Own The Floor!

You can find Smart-Way BIM Objects here:


  • Do More with Less
  • ADA Compliant
  • Perfect for offices, conference rooms, collaborative work environments, and anywhere wire management is needed with access to power and data
  • Raceway compartments provide ample space for power, communications and A/V requirements
  • Device box options provide power, communication and A/V connectivity
  • Ultra-low profile
  • Installs on top of any flooring for a quick installation
  • Sold in 6-foot sections
  • Available in slate-grey or bright aluminum colors
  • Designed with centering V-grooves in track to assist locating the drilling of pilot/clearance holes for securing fasteners, ensuring ease of installation

The Smart-Way Raceway System

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