PathFinder Computer and Stereo Audio Swtichers

4x2 Computer Video Matrix Switcher
4x2 Computer Video Matrix Switcher4x2 Computer Video and Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher4x4 Computer Video Matrix Switcher

4x2 and 4x4 PathFinder Matrix Switchers



The PathFinder Matrix Switcher family is a ground-up devel-opment aimed at bringing new capabilities and a new level of performance to matrix switching. These smaller 4X4 and 4X2 matrix units are ideal for applications requiring limited source to display routing / switching and have many of the same fea-tures as our larger units.

At the heart of the PathFinder  is a design that delivers high bandwidth and flat frequency response to insure that the original image is switched and distributed without being altered. Proper signal reproduction is much more than band-width. Frequency response plays a vital role in the clarity and accuracy of an image.  These units feature greater than 400 MHz (typical) of bandwidth to -3dB. Better, from 0 to 250 MHz the signal is +/-0.5 dB making them the flattest matrix switch-ers on the market.

The stereo audio option provides balanced and unbalanced stereo audio switching with independent input trim control and output volume level control.  Audio can be configured for “follow” or “breakaway” mode to allow separate video and audio source routing.

The Pathfinders can be easily controlled via front panel but-tons or RS-232 input from a control system or PC.  The com-mand set is an easy to follow, easy to implement ASCII com-mand set that gives control systems complete access to all functions. The units have an RS-232 input and output port to allow daisy chaining of additional serial controlled devices.

Key Features:     

•    Very high bandwidth                                                                      
•    Easy front panel or RS-232 control
•    Integral rack ears
•    Audio follow or breakaway
•    Audio input trims
•    Audio output volume control
•    Sized to fit smaller installations
•    Vertical  interval switching
•    Simple full function front panel controls


•    Boardrooms
•    Schools
•    House of Worship
•    Rental and Staging
•    Convention Centers
•    Security and Surveillance
•    Monitoring Centers
•    Courtrooms