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2 Button / 2 LED & 2 HDMI


2 HDMI (2 buttons / 2 LED’s) w/ Black HDMI Cables


The HV-T3-DUAL-BLK is a 2 button, 2 LED, 2 HDMI Cable version of the HV-T3-BLK. Each table box contains a pullout HDMI cable and an AC outlet. A single push of a button on each T3 is all that is needed to display the laptop or iPad's desktop information onto the main display.

The T3-Dual allows for multiple users to share and view their laptops, tablets, and smart phones screens on a main display. Anyone participating can be a presenter or the audience at any given time at the push of a button. LED’s indicate which user is currently live and when the system is busy to each user.

The table box includes all the necessary video switching equipment, control hardware, display power control and color-coded captive HDMI cables. It is a very simple yet effective system to quickly install and use.


  • Same table box footprint as the HV-T3-BLK
  • Dual height IPS opening with single AC outlet
  • 2 mounting provisions for 2 HDMI cables
  • 2 each 6' HDMI cables included
  • 2 bi-colored LED's
  • 2 momentary switches
  • Cabling harness


•    Classrooms
•    Libraries
•    Conference rooms
•    Educational facilities
•    Corporate