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Front Access Wall Boxes

wb-4g-c- locking wall box cover suitable for mounting a 4 gang plate
wb-4g-c- locking wall box cover suitable for mounting a 4 gang platewb-4g-b- 6" deep back box


15611, 15749, 15739
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These wall boxes are designed to provide the AV and security industries with an enclosure to securely house various connections and control plates. The wall boxes are perfect for hotels, conference centers, classrooms, churches, meeting rooms, airports and all public spaces.

The wall boxes come with all necessary hardware to mount in new or old construction. They can be mounted in any direction, permitting the door to open up, down, right or left.

There are two size boxes in two depths available. One will handle a standard three gang plate and the larger box will handle a standard four gang plate. The appropriate blank plate is supplied with each model. A key lock built into the design and a push-to-open retention latch are included.

Follow the mounting instructions on the following pages to install the box in the desired location.
• Back box can be rotated for knockout convenience.
• 1 1⁄2’ cable tails should be provided when pulling wires.
• Verify door swing direction before mounting cover
• Follow local electrical codes

• Sturdy steel construction
• Mount in either new or old construction
• Available in either three or four gang sizes
• Standard finish is white
• Comes complete with mounting hardware and blank plates
• Built-in lock and push-to-open retention latch
• Either wall box can be mounted in any position

•Conference Centers
•Houses of Worship