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The Dugout

The Dugout with chairs
The Dugout with chairsThe Dugout The Dugout The Dugout with HV-T6

Dugout with or w/o holes for 4 (TB-3 Sized) Table Boxes
Dugout Collaboration Table with students


The “Dugout” is the latest addition to the HuddleVU Collaboration System line. Now, with expanded seating, up to 12 users can be accommodated and share their information on one or two large monitor screens. The dual height tables seat the users at two viewing levels to maximize space, reduce visual obstructions and provide seating comfort. Two additional seating areas can be utilized for handicapped seating as required. The inner table boxes furnish AC Power, Device charging, AV Connectivity and Control while the outer table has AC power and device charging. There are a variety of table finishes available as well as upholstery styles to match existing décor. Units are pre-assembled for ease of installation.

Ask a sales associate for more details.

HuddleVU Features

  • Collaborate and share ideas on your computer screen with others
  • One button press inclusion of users
  • No software or programming required
  • Simple installation
  • Create attractive workspaces
  • Hardware and cables included
  • Conversion kits available for VGA and audio input
  • Systems with four or less inputs can be controlled by an external control system